The White Rose DTC

The DTC offers a comprehensive collaborative training programme that goes beyond a traditional PhD. The main aim of the DTC is to prepare a new generation of doctoral graduates for future research and leadership challenges in a global and increasingly competitive market place.


As a member of the DTC you will also:

  • be part of a vibrant and growing community of social science researchers
  • discover that it is easier to link and network with academics and student researchers both from within your discipline and beyond
  • be offered a range of broad based training opportunities
  • have increased access to training courses throughout the UK.

WRDTC Student FAQs

Click here for more information compiled by our students.


Each of the training pathways offers a variety of opportunities for students to get involved in for example: research seminars given by invited guests, attend advanced training courses, short course, day schools, summer schools and network with other students.

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Training Courses

The DTC offers a comprehensive set of core, subject-specific and advanced training at each of the White Rose Universities.

In addition, career development and transferable skills training is offered by the Researcher Development Units at each University.

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White Rose DTC Branding/Visual Identity

The White Rose DTC is developing branding templates for documents and posters.

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WRDTC Newsletter: DTC Matters

Published quarterly, the White Rose Social Sciences DTC newsletter: DTC Matters keeps staff and students up-to-date with the latest developments. In addition to news about WRDTC’s activities, the newsletter features articles on Events, Training and Development Opportunities, Pathway News, ESRC News and Opportunities.

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