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Internship Opportunities – WRAP

April 23, 2018

This opportunity should be of interest to Masters or PhD students with quantitative skills and who are working on issues of food, food waste or resource efficiency.

WRAP (http://www.wrap.org.uk/) have a small amount of budget available to support some short term internships to take place before November 2018.

They have two projects in mind at the moment:

1. The impact of food waste collections on food waste prevention (c. 30 days, poss. slightly longer)

Analysis of WRAP’s existing bank of information to assess whether any patterns can be discerned in food waste collected when food waste collection schemes are introduced.

2. Deriving a scaling-up factor for the under-reporting that occurs when food waste diaries are used as a measurement tool (c. 10 days)

Collation of existing WRAP and non-WRAP datasets to statistically examine the scale and homogeneity of under-reporting using diaries compared with waste composition analysis, in order to derive a scaling factor. This would enable diaries to be used reliably in place of more expensive waste composition analysis, enabling the UK nations to save money in reporting on Courtauld 2025, SDG 12.3 and anything required as a result of the Circular Economy Package.

This will be a good opportunity to work with a key stakeholder and to possibly access data that could be used as part of a PhD or Masters dissertation (potentially something ideal for the latter). Both projects would be supervised by a researcher (educated to PhD level) within WRAP.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Professor David Evans, d.m.evans@sheffield.ac.uk.