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AQUALM: Qualitative Longitudinal Research – An Advanced Workshop

Date - Monday, 8th June 2015 (9:30 am - 5:00 pm)

Course leader & contact details
Sarah Irwin s.irwin@leeds.ac.uk

Teaching/demonstrating staff  
Bren Neale, Nick Emmel, several others

Date of session
8 June 2015

9.30 am – 4.30 pm

Beech Grove House, University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT.

Description of course
Research methods training workshop

Workshop aims
Qualitative longitudinal research presents particular complexities and challenges relating to its design, to managing fieldwork and associated ethics, and to effective data analysis. This workshop explores some of these challenges and offers conceptually informed practical strategies for addressing issues arising throughout QL research from inception to analysis and explanation. We will explore issues in conceptualising time and designing QL methods to inform our understanding of temporal processes. We will address issues in fieldwork with particular reference to access, sampling and retention in longitudinal research. Such issues raise diverse ethical challenges which will be explored and exemplified through cases of research with marginalised groups. We also look at conventional and innovative methods for generating qualitative longitudinal data, including the effectiveness of utilising new digital communications technologies. We then explore QL data, looking at primary and secondary analytic strategies, and at the potential for data re-use more generally. Presentations are made by experts in the field. These will be interspersed with participatory practical sessions in which delegates can explore research design for capturing temporal processes, and bring to bear their own research interests very directly in a practical QL data analysis session. Plenary session will draw out and explore key themes from the day and facilitate discussion and debate amongst participants and presenters.

9.30    Registration (and coffee)
9.45     Sarah Irwin      Introduction to day
9.50     Bren Neale     Adding time into the mix? an introduction to qualitative longitudinal research
10.20     Nick Emmel  Access, sampling, and retention in qualitative longitudinal research
10.50     Ruth Patrick Sustaining samples and encountering ethical ‘speed bumps’: reflections on researching over time
11.20     Workshop activity 1: Designing QL research (facilitated by Bren Neale)
12.00     Plenary  – Panel made up of morning speakers / All

12.30      LUNCH

1.15    Susie Weller        Digital communication technologies: some potentials and pitfalls for QL research
1.45    Anna Tarrant  A methodological strategy for working effectively across qualitative longitudinal datasets as a secondary researcher
2.15    Sarah Irwin       Qualitative longitudinal research and social class dynamics
2.45    Workshop activity 2: Analysing QL data (facilitated by Sarah Irwin and Anna Tarrant)          /TEA
3.30    Joanna Bornat      Revisiting reuse: personal reflections of an oral historian
4.00    Plenary – Panel made up of afternoon speakers/ All
4.30    End

Abstracts can be found here http://flag.leeds.ac.uk/events/qualitative-longitudinal-research-an-advanced-workshop/

Participatory workshop sessions
There are two participant workshops through the day.
A)    Designing QL research
B)    Analysing QL data. Here we will explore and develop analytic themes and questions drawing on qualitative data which will be provided for you. You are not expected to bring your own data. However, you might wish to do so.  If so, please read the text at the end of these pages for instructions.The exercise is an engaging way to provide and receive feedback on participants’ own work in progress.

How to apply?
To allow for effective interaction and participation we limit places to 40 delegates. We therefore recommend early registration. To apply for a place, fill in an application form and return it to us via post or email.
Participants need to meet their own travel and subsistence costs.

Stay another day!
On the 9th June we are running a day conference at the University of Leeds: “Researching relationships across generations and through time”; details are available very soon on the FLaG website http://www.flag.leeds.ac.uk
(You will need to arrange your own accommodation).

Instructions for workshop B, if you intend to submit some sample data.

We will provide examples of data for small group discussions, allowing delegates to draw out and discuss strategies for tackling complexities in the analysis of QL data. However, we also want to take the opportunity to facilitate the sharing of extracts from delegates’ own research data. If you are interested in doing so, please send us part of an interview transcript, or other suitable empirical material, generated in the course of your research and which you can share with others. This could be up to a couple of pages, and should be no more than 800 words. (Feel able also to bring samples of visual or other data). Also provide:

  • A brief (one paragraph) account of the research project design, and how the data fits within it
  • A very brief summary of the data extract

(This will be photocopied and supplied to a small group on the day – about 4 individuals).

In advance of the workshop reflect on the following questions. A small group of workshop participants will also be asked this question on the day, with reference to your data extract.

  1. What are the issues of potential analytic interest within this data extract?
  2. What are the complexities of analysing this (kind of) data?
  3. What analytic strategies are the most effective?

This is necessarily an artificial undertaking, but one which can generate productive discussion.

Do not forget to anonymise your material. Please submit the data extracts and summary information to Jennie Hall j.hall@leeds.ac.uk by 11th May.

Target audience & any previous experience required
Social scientists or related practitioners with a working knowledge and understanding of qualitative methods; targeted at those seeking to develop skills in the design and analysis of qualitative longitudinal data. Typical delegates will be PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and established academics.

The workshop requires and builds on a working knowledge and understanding of skills of qualitative research and data analysis, as participants are required to engage and work with the  sharpened complexities of designing, generating and analyzing longitudinal data.
Participants may engage with samples of anonymized data drawn from qualitative data archives

No of places available

Information about teaching staff
Sarah Irwin; Bren Neale; Nick Emmel; Ruth Patrick; Susie Weller; Anna Tarrant; Joanna Bornat

Enquiry contact details
Jenny Hall j.hall@leeds.ac.uk

How to register link: 

  • For Non-PhD students, please click here to register.
  • For PhD students, please download and complete this form, return it to us via email j.hall@leeds.ac.uk and fill in the registration form below.

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