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Mixed-effect Modelling Workshops

Date - Monday, 8th May 2017 - Monday, 15th May 2017 (1:00 pm - 4:00 pm)

Language@Leeds is organising three workshops on mixed-effect modelling of linguistic data.

The first two will take place Monday 8th of May and a week later on 15th of May from 1-4pm (each day).  They will be led by Aaron Ecay. The first workshop will focus on the “why” of modelling and the second on the “how” (specifically using the R software package). Both workshops will have an interactive component and are aimed to be intelligible to researchers even with a fairly light background in statistics.  These two workshops will lay the groundwork for wide participation in a third workshop (in June).

On the 5th and 6th of June (Monday and Tuesday), Language@Leeds will host a 2-day workshop on random effect structures in multilevel modelling.  The workshop will be led by Harald Baayen and Arief Gusnanto.  The main aims of this workshop are to discuss/explore

  • diagnostics that can be relied on to estimate the optimal random effect structure of a model
  • how to exploit random effects vs. fixed effects to investigate individual variation

A more detailed programme will be publicised in May.

The workshops are partly funded by the White Rose DTC, so affiliates of Leeds, Sheffield, and York are all welcome to attend (for free).  You will however need to book your place in advance at this link.