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WRDTC Advanced Training Series 2015 – Interdisciplinary Visual Research Methods

Date - Tuesday, 1st September 2015 - Wednesday, 2nd September 2015 (10:00 am - 4:00 pm)

UPDATE: Post-course findings

Course leader & contact details
Stirling_80283_1stpass-1Dylan Yamada-Rice
Director of MA in Education: Early Childhood Education
Co-Director of the Centre for the Study of Childhood and Youth
Tel: (+44) (0)114 222 8162
Twitter: @dylanyamadarice

Any other teaching/ demonstrating staff
Julia Davies, School of Education
Abigail Hackett, Centre for the Study of Childhood and Youth
Lisa Procter, School of Education

Date of session
1st and 2nd September 2015

10am – 4pm each day


Description of course
5y1a9089This module will give students in depth training on 1) visual theories 2) visual methods of data collection 3) ethical issues 4) visual representation. Taking an explicitly cross-disciplinary approach, students will draw on thinking and methodologies from within social sciences, arts and humanities, and visual industries more widely, to think about the nature of the visual and its relationship to knowledge.

On the first morning, students will be introduced to the question ‘What is the visual?’ by looking at this from different disciplinary starting points. They will understand the visual a socially, culturally and historically constructed, while exploring the importance of the visual in contemporary times.

Through a range of parallel session, students will then select options to be introduced to a range of visual approaches to collecting and analysing data. We will also critically and intensively consider ethical issue of the visual mode in relation to what can be learnt from everyday practices. Throughout these sessions, the emphasis will be on critical thinking, on embracing multiple ways of knowing and on hands on learning both inside and outside the ICOSS building.

Target audience & any previous experience required
hospital-heights-on-boat-5This module draws on significant cross disciplinary expertise at University of Sheffield and beyond to provide students with cutting edge training in the visual within social science research. Whilst visual methods have proliferated across research in a number of disciplines in recent years, there has been little integration between disciplines and between epistemological positions. In this advanced training, students will be invited to engage theoretically and conceptually with what it means to visualise knowledge, or to generate ways of knowing using non language based methods. In addition, this course will connect academic visual research methods with conceptualisation of the visual in visual industries. Yamada-Rice’s forthcoming book ‘Alternate Visions’ makes a significant contribution to this novel and emerging field. As such, this training goes beyond merely a ‘how to’ approach to different kinds of visual data collection or dissemination methods, but challenges students to think across disciplines to generate and answer critical questions about the nature of the visual and of knowledge.

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Information about teaching staff
Dylan Yamada-Rice, School of Education
Julia Davies, School of Education
Abigail Hackett, Centre for the Study of Childhood and Youth
Lisa Procter, School of Education

Enquiry contact details
FINAL Scrabble tile logo for twitter etcDylan Yamada-Rice
Director of MA in Education: Early Childhood Education
Co-Director of the Centre for the Study of Childhood and Youth http://cscy.group.shef.ac.uk/
Tel: (+44) (0)114 222 8162
Twitter: @dylanyamadarice

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