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Cities, Environment, And Liveability (CEL) – Symposium

Date - Tuesday, 1st May 2018 - Wednesday, 2nd May 2018 (All Day)

Symposium on Moral and Ethical Challenges in Research

Date & Time: Tuesday 1 May, 10.30am – 5pm – Wednesday 2 May 2018, 10.20am – 4pm

Venue: Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Winter St., Sheffield, S10 2TN

The symposium will focus on the breadth of moral and ethical challenges raised by the research process, including activist research, research with vulnerable groups, research that engages with elite and powerful participants, and in co-produced research. Guest speakers will discuss the challenges posed by conducting such research, challenges of publication and dissemination, and the institutional challenges of designing a permissive and developmental ethics review process that allows innovative research. Furthermore, we hope that the symposium will encourage debate about the value and constraints of formal ethics processes, and about how universities as institutions can support the production of ‘high risk’ critical scholarship that raises difficult moral/ethical questions.

Speakers include:

Michele Lancione: Senior Research Fellow, Urban Institute and Department of Urban Studies and Planning, University of Sheffield.

Crispian Olver: Research Fellow at the Public Affairs Research Institute, South Africa.

Rowland Atkinson: Research Chair in Inclusive Society, Department of Urban Studies and Planning.

Claire Benit-Gbaffou: Associate Professor, Co-Director: Centre for Urbanism and the Built Environment Studies (CUBES), School of Architecture and Planning, Wits University.

Beatrice De Carli: Lecturer, School of Architecture, University of Sheffield.

Beth Perry: Professorial Research Fellow, Urban Institute and Department of Urban Studies and Planning, University of Sheffield.

Julia Udall: Senior Lecturer in Architecture, Sheffield Hallam University.

Lindsay Unwin: Secretary to University Research Ethics Committee (UREC).

Peter Bath: Director of Research and Chair of University Research Ethics Committee (UREC).

Dorothea Kleine: Professorial Research Fellow, SIID and Department of Geography, University of Sheffield.

Travel Information
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Please note the deadline for registering to attend this event is before 15th of April 2018.

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For all enquiries please contact Dr. Célia Macedo – c.macedo@sheffield.ac.uk.